Author Author is a monthly Published Writers event offered by the Coffee Phix Cafe to spotlight local Cleveland Authors. You need only be published to qualify to participate in the program. Each month we feature 4 to 6 local writers in a mini marathon of appearance and book signings. The Cafe takes NO COMMISSION on book sales, and charges NO FEE for the use of the space. With this program on the last Sunday of each month we will spotlight 1 Author each hour from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm depending on the number of writers we feature.  If you've been published and would like to be a part of our monthly Author Author Writer Series please send email to or contact us at 216-381-5705.


Author Author A Children's Writers Event

On Saturday, February 25th The Coffee Phix Cafe will feature three special authors as part of our Author Author series. At ages 6, 9 and 13 these young writers have accomplished something many adults cannot achieve, they have written and published their book .  At this event, they will share their experiences and talk to you about the stories that inspired their book. We are excited to welcome Braylan Lamar, Sarai Murdock and a 3rd writer that will be published at a later date, to the Coffee Phix Cafe writers series Author Author. Join us on Saturday February 25th at 1:00 pm to meet three truly inspirational author. We will offer free hot chocolate and cookies to all children attending this event. 


Braylan Lamar

Braylan Lamar is seven years old. One evening at age five he’d been playing happily with his LEGO’s toys when his mother called out “Its bedtime Braylan”. Upset that he couldn’t continue his play, he pronounced “Bedtime is the Worst Time!” His mother and grandmother thought that would be a great title for a book. Braylan thought so too. So when he returned from school that day, he started writing his book “Bedtime is the Worst Time”.

Sarai Murdock

The 3rd grade was the worse for Sarai.  She was 8 years old and the smallest in her class. Other children teased and insulted her because of her size and high voice. As a sensitive child it was hard for her to stand up to the bullies. Bullying continued through the 5th and 6th grades, however the older Sarai got the less sensitive she was and ultimately she did stand up for herself. She began writing her book in the 5th grade and finished her book and published in June 2017. This is her story.

Ella Lopez

Ella C. Lopez is a 9 year old Child Author, gifted student & proud Homeschool girl. She has been featured as a highly regarded Child Author by The College of Wooster's International Magazine and was the first child honored to speak about her book at The Northeastern Ohio Author's Round Table. Her book is being featured at local bookstores, including her favorite, The Fireside Bookshop of Chagrin Falls, Ohio. 

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